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LTSGlobal would like to welcome Dale Carnegie as a strategic partner to the TransferLogix system.


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The TransferLogix Seven Step Change Process

Diagnose The Barriers to Learning Transfer In Your Organization

Before the learning transfer problem can be fixed in your organization, you have to first understand exactly where the barriers are.

Use our Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI), the only scientifically validated assessment in the world, to identify the barriers and catalysts to learning transfer in your organization.

The LTSI measures 16 different factors that influence whether learning transfer occurs. Trainees complete the 51-item survey via computer immediately after training. The results are presented in an easy-to-read report that includes possible causes and action steps for each barrier identified.

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Make Sure Your Training Content Validity and Transfer Design Are As High As Possible

Our research from all over the world shows that trainees consistently rate training content as not being strongly related to what they need on their jobs. In addition, they typically say that the content is not taught in a way that they know how to apply it on their jobs.

Learning transfer is "dead on arrival" if training content and transfer design are not right.

Our solution is a powerful but easy to use needs assessment module to help you target your training content to just what trainees need.

In addition, we help you write behavioral objectives for your training. Behavioral objective define the desired behavioral changes expected after training. They are not the same as learning objectives. With behavioral objectives you communicate to trainers, trainees, and the organization what is expected to occur after training.

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Automatically Follow-up With Trainees to Help Them Implement Action Plans

Everyone knows that following up with learners helps them remember to focus on action plans and get feedback on what additional help they need. But, few training organizations have the time and resources to do it.

TransferLogix automates this process for you. Using our TransferMeter module, you can send periodic reminders to learners about action goals and collect feedback from them on what additional coaching or support they need.

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Implement Transferlogix Recommended Transfer Improvement Strategies

TransferLogix includes a database of recommended action strategies to improve each factor identified as a barrier by the LTSI diagnosis. These time-tested strategies will help you be proactive in breaking down the barriers in your organization.

In addition, TransferLogix provides an automatic polling system so you can conduct virtual focus groups with trainees to help you fine-tune the action strategies to tailor them to your specific organizational situation.

Together these tools provide you a clear action strategy for improving your transfer system.

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Measuring Learning Transfer Is Easy With TransferLogix

Most organizations don't measure learning transfer because they think it's too hard--or impossible--to do. TransferLogix provides you with a valid but easy approach that is fully automated and takes just a few minutes to do.

TransferLogix uses the behavioral objectives you define for your learning event to measure post-training application. Supervisors rate each of their trainees on each behavioral objective. You can do a pre- and post-test, or a post-test only. Easy to read reports show changes in behaviors due to training.

With TransferLogix there's now no excuse for not measuring learning transfer!

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Use TransferLogix to Easily Get Supervisors Engaged Prior to Training

Every trainer has heard trainees come to a learning event and say "I have no idea why I am here." Everyone also knows that transfer would improve if supervisors would take some basic steps BEFORE training. But, most supervisors don't know what to do and most trainers don't have the time to coach them.

TransferLogix automates the whole process. Using our Transfer Contract module, supervisors are automatically prompted to have an email dialogue with their trainees about:
--how they will be expected to use their learning
--what support will be provided
--what resources will be provided
--how applying their learning will benefit them
--and why they should be confident they can successfully apply their learning

As a result, trainees come to the learning event more engaged and motivated to use their learning.

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Get Critical Organizational Systems Aligned To Support Transfer

We save the hardest steps for last, not because they are the least important but because we know from experience that success in the previous steps will make changing the work environment easier.

Our global research shows that critical organizational systems such as accountability systems are rarely in place or aligned to reinforce transfer.

TransferLogix guides you with proactive strategies for leading necessary organizational change. Our Company Poll module makes it easy to conduct virtual focus groups with trainees, supervisors, and management on longer-term changes needed to enhance transfer.

Success in prior steps will clearly show the payoff from improving the transfer system and make implementing our strategies much easier.

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New Features

Return on Investment

ROI is the language of organizations. The inability to produce an ROI estimate for training has often left training disconnected from organizational strategy. Decision makers simply haven't had the tools to know what training really works.
Learning Transfer Solutions Global is pleased to be the first to offer a realistic solution to its worldwide customers. With TransferLogix trainers can now not only measure so-called Level 3, 4 & 5 but use the software to increase their learning transfer and ROI.


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