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Why TransferLogix ?

Why TransferLogixTM?

Typical approaches to dealing with the transfer problem require more time, money and energy than most training organizations have. So, we combined 15 years of research with the power of web 2.0 technologies to make it fast, easy and low-cost. You will be stunned at how little it cost. Our approach goes way beyond measurement to actually create transfer in your organization. Powered by the world-renowned Learning Transfer System InventoryTM, TransferLogixTM helps you diagnose the barriers to transfer and then provides specific solutions so you can target high-impact solutions. Of course we also measure transfer for you, but even better is that the system will help you increase transfer which means a higher ROI.

So Why Should I Trust Learning Transfer Solutions Global?

This is an easy one. Our founders, Drs. Elwood Holton, Reid Bates and J. P. Hatala are world renowned experts in learning transfer. They have spent the last 15 years researching transfer and identifying the barriers and catalysts to transfer. Nobody else has the depth of experience and expertise they do. Fortunately, they also know how to turn research into practice. Learning Transfer Solutions Global LLC is dedicated to "Revolutionizing Learning Transfer" around the world. If you partner with us you know you are getting products and expertise that are deeply grounded in the best research evidence available. No other company can offer that.

TransferLogixTM takes the pain and hassle out of doing the right things.

Many trainers know the right things to do to get performance results after training but it just takes too much time, money and effort. With TransferLogixTM doing the right thing is easy.

No more hassles writing surveys

TransferLogixTM automates the survey writing process to make it fast and easy. It goes way beyond SurveyMonkey to help you actually write your surveys and get you more valid data.

No more sending out paper surveys

TransferLogixTM uses email "push" technology to send out all surveys and polls to your trainees just like other survey engines.

No more follow-up focus groups to conduct

We use polls and surveys to take the place of time-consuming focus groups so you can do them only when they are absolutely necessary.

No more timetables and deadlines to remember

TransferLogixTM automatically notifies you of everything you need to do, look at, or act on in the system. You are free to focus on other things and not stress about whether you need to be doing something in the system.

No more phone calls to remind people to return surveys.

We all know how hard it is to get people to respond to surveys and polls. TransferLogixTM automatically sends reminders every few days to make sure they respond

No more struggling to connect with an organization on the move all over the world

All that's needed to access TransferLogixTM is the internet. Anyone anywhere in the world can access the system and do what they need to do-and that includes you.

No more creating reports in Word or Excel

Aren't you tired of having to manually create reports about your training? TransferLogixTM automatically produces all the reports you need

No more databases to maintain on your own

TransferLogixTM stores all your data for you and allows you to create compare reports that aggregates results from different programs.

No IT infrastructure to worry about

If your users can answer emails and access the internet they can use TransferLogixTM. Everything runs on our servers in a completely secure environment.

No more struggling to use old training methods in a fast-paced modern world

We believe it's time that Web 2.0 technologies are more widely embraced to solve critical training issues. TransferLogixTM is our answer.

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