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Transferlogix - The No-Hassle Approach To Training ROI

What Is TransferLogixTM?

TransferLogixTM is the most innovative, effective and affordable solution ever created to solve the learning transfer problem.  In simple words, it is a:

  • web-based software system
  • that CREATES learning transfer in organizations
  • and provides valid data to make strategic human resource developement decisions.

TransferLogixTM is a unique integration of Web 2.0 technology with 15 years of solid research that goes way beyond just measuring transfer to actually create learning transfer for organizational learning events such as training. We have made solving the learning transfer problem easier, cheaper and better than any other solution on the market.  Our solution offers a fully automated system which provides the tools and the guidelines every organization should use to make sure their investments in training get a high ROI.

Creating Change With TransferLogixTM

Because it is so unique, most people have to study it a bit in order to really grasp the power of the system.  At one level it looks like a measurement system.  And it does a fine job of that.  More importantly though is that it automates an organizational change process that can dramatically change the impact of learning in your organization. 

TransferLogix is not a mere tool, but a complete, fully automated guide to how to implement quality training in organizations. First because it provides a thorough diagnosis of the factors which affect learning transfer and thus gives you a clearer picture of what´s not working. Second, because it offers you concrete measures before, during and after training in order to enable participants to change their behaviors. TransferLogix represents a landmark in the training industry and a wonderful change of paradigm. It helps companies have a better vision of their change objectives and align employees to achieving them.

Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI)

The Learning Transfer System InventoryTM, the heart and soul of TransferLogixTM, is the only validated instrument of training transfer in the world. It has been used all over the world and is the engine which drives the TranferLogixTM system. Because of it's 15 year research history it offers unparalleled validity and power to TransferLogixTM (see the Research section of this site for more info). The primary purpose of the LTSI is to diagnose barriers and catalysts to training transfer.The LTSI contains 51 items assessing 16 factors. These factors are grouped into 3 categories based on a well-known theory of organizational behavior. They are:

The 16 factors that comprise each of these three categories are fully defined in TransferLogix but are identified here so you have a general understanding of what factors are addressed by the system:


  • Content Validity
  • Opportunity to Use
  • Transfer Design
  • Personal Capacity


  • Transfer Effort-Preformance Expectations
  • Motivation to Transfer
  • Transfer Performance Outcomes Expectation
  • Persormance Self-Efficacy
  • Learner Readiness

Work Environment

  • Supervisor Support
  • Personal Outcomes Positive
  • Suppervisor Sanctions
  • Personal Outcomes Negative
  • Peer Support
  • Resistance to Change
  • Performance Coaching


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